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Faculty Handbook

Please consider placing the below pieces of information on your Canvas site and email to your students prior to the first day of class:

Student information:

  1. Please test your connectivity prior to the first class ( If you need instructions, please visit Zoom on Personal Computers and Mobile Devices
  2. For problems using Zoom, contact Zoom Support:
    • Search Zoom documentation in the Zoom Help Center.
    • Chat live (24-7) with Zoom support. Go to Zoom Video Communications Technical Support and click Chat live.
    • Call Zoom support (24-7) at 888-799-9666 ext 2.
  3. Please check the information in this link to make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements for Zoom:
  4. To ensure the quality of the class, please purchase a reliable headset
  5. The quality of the bandwidth is important, so be sure to use a reliable internet connection (such as home or Library).  It is our experience that students connecting at public places such as Starbucks have not been successful

Exam Procedure

  1. Exams should be distributed and received via Canvas if possible
  2. If exams are sent electronically to Blacksburg or Northern Virginia for duplicating they need to be sent at least a week in advance so they are sent early enough for the site coordinator to have time to copy them.
  3. Please notify Maureen Fallon in Digital Media Services ( of what day you will be giving your exam and if you will be using your assigned classroom.
  4. Final exam grades for non-VT students cannot be e-mailed due to FERPA regulations at VT; they must be uploaded to secure Canvas site. This scenario does not happen often and our office will work with you to create a site.

Textbook Information:

Before the beginning of the semester, you will be contacted by the Cardinal Education administrator to confirm textbooks.

Contact VT Engineering Online
Email Administrator
(540) 231-9754 (Office)
Torgersen Hall, Suite 3046 (0217)
620 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061