Please visit the academic calendar for information on deadlines for registering.

Note: This process is only for part-time students registered at another university. VT Students already have a PID.


Important Course Registration Procedures:

  1. Generate your PID by following the directions found under the “Generate PID” hyperlink in the Students section.
  2. After generating your PID go to “Hokie SPA”.
  3. Login using your PID and password
  4. Click on the “Hokie Spa” link
  5. Click on “Registration & Schedule” to add a class to your schedule for the upcoming semester
  6. Determine your “CRN” (course registration number) by clicking on the “Timetable of Classes” and selecting the appropriate Campus, Term, and Subject area. 
  7. Once the form is complete, click: FIND class sections.” CRNs are listed in the first column of the generated list that appears in the bottom half of the screen. Make sure to record the correct CRN. In a new browser window, you can confirm this information by visiting
  8. Return to the Hokie SPA “Registration” page using your browser’s back button in the VT Timetable window and click on “Drop/Add Classes.”
  9. Select the appropriate term from the drop down menu that appears on the screen.
  10. At the bottom of the drop/add form, fill in the CRN box with the CRN you recorded from step 6.
  11. Once you submit your request, you should see your desired class added in the center-screen schedule

Register online