Current CGEP Courses

Fall 2018

Department Course Number Course Name Instructor Credit Hours Course Description
ECE 5674 Software Radios Reed & Dietrich 3  
ENGR 5104 Applied Human Factors Engineering Navid Ghaffarzadegan 3 An examination of present human engineering design criteria, principles, and practices to achieve mission success through integration of the human into system, subsystem, equipment, and facility design in order to achieve effectiveness, simplicity, efficiency, reliability, and safety of system operation, training and maintenance. Not for credit for students pursuing the M.S. or Ph.D. in the Human Factors option.
ISE 5164 Transfer and Applied Emerging Technology Ken Harmon 3 Transfer of emerging technological developments from scientific discovery and invention through product development, leading to value-added applications in private sector and government enterprises. Market and technological research, forecasting, test and evaluation, outsourcing R & D, community/government support programs, legal protection and regulation of intellectual property, economic development, economic risk and similar issues supporting the management of technological innovation.
ISE 5434 Economic Evaluation of Industrial Projects Joseph Godfrey 3 Application of Engineering economy to the economic evaluation of industrial projects. In general, these projects will include investment in the new facilities as well as replacement of old facilities. Concepts of wealth maximization, utility, and risk with be discussed. Financing will be treated as an integral part of the investment problem.
MSE 5114 Materials Characterization Michael Kelley 3 Introduction to techniques used to characterize material structure and chemistry. Physical principles behind surface and microanalysis techniques and the information various techniques provide. X-ray, electron, ion, vibrational, and absorption spectroscopy and optical, electron, and acoustic microscopy. Undergraduate degree in physical sciences or engineering is required.