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Master of Science in Systems Engineering

Three men in goggles working on jet engine.

About the Program

The Systems Engineering program is an interdisciplinary field that integrates many different engineering specialties into a total engineering effort to ensure an efficient and effective product (system) output. Systems engineering analyzes the operational needs of industrial, business and government enterprises and by applying scientific and engineering technology develops the integrated hardware and software required to meet those needs.

Who Should Enroll

  • Those who need a more flexible schedule.
  • Those who enjoy remote collaboration.
  • Those who do enjoy online learning.
  • Those who would like to advance their career. 
  • Those who would like to improve their technical skills. 
A person typing on a laptop, only their hands are visible.

How Will You Benefit

Students will benefit in multiple ways, such as: gaining a broadended expertise, participating in effective collaboration, having flexibility & balance, creating an approved systems engineering project, and more.

A list of benefits with icons for the Master of Science in Systems Engineering. These read: Broadened Expertise, Effective Collaboration, Flexibility & Balance, and Creation of Approved Systems Engineering Project.

Would you like to learn more?

If you'd like to learn more about the Master of Science in Systems Engineering degree, please visit the following link: Master of Science in Systems Engineering Homepage.