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Choosing Videoconferencing Equipment

With classes moving online across the country, headsets are hard to acquire at this time. Continue to check the links below for availability. There are some local stores that have gaming headsets available and would meet your needs.

NOTE: If you have a computer with bluetooth technology, and you have wireless earbuds or other wireless headsets with a built-in mic, you can use those as well. Make sure to test all headsets prior to meetings or classes. 

Test audio using the "Setting Up Audio and Video" section of the Zoom Quick Start Tutorial

One of the keys to a good online course experience is quality sound. It is highly recommended that both the instructor and students should use a headset or dedicated microphone with noise cancelling. However, most laptops have built-in speakers, microphones, and cameras, and those are sufficient for online courses.

A noise cancelling microphone gives you the ability to talk and listen less feedback from keyboard, electronic activity, air conditioning, and other background noise, as well as reducing interference other’s can hear you more easily.

If you use the built in speakers and microphone in your computer, you may experience office noise, and worse, transmit that noise to the other participants, making yourself difficult to hear and understand.

Most any good headset with noise cancelling will work but the models listed below are a good starting point. The college is vendor neutral and these are provided only as examples.

It is up to you whether your headset is wireless or wired. MANY headsets will fit the need but here are a few to get started. Wireless headsets, while convenient, often require more complex 'pairing' to your computer and you must assure the batteries are charged.

Name Pricing Description Purchasing Option Purchasing Option
Logitech USB Headset H390 $39.95 List Noise-canceling microphone Logitech Amazon
Sennheiser PC 3 Chat or higher $19.95 and up Noise-canceling microphone Sennheiser Amazon
Plantronics Blackwire Series 320 or higher $34.95 and up Noise-canceling microphone Plantronics Amazon
Koss CS95 USB or higher $24.99 and up Noise-canceling microphone Koss Amazon
BlueParrott B550-XT Bluetooth (or higher) $199.99 and down Noise-canceling (89% ambient suppression) Good for Noisy Environments BlueParrott Amazon

Below is a list of suitable cameras to use for Online Learning. 

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list, this is just to get you started on your search.

Name Pricing Description Purchasing Option Purchasing Option
Creative Live! Cam Sync HD $29.99 HD Webcam w/ Microphone Creative Amazon
Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 $39.95 HD Webcam w/ Microphone Microsoft Amazon
Jelly Comb Computer USB Webcam 1080P $49.99 HD Webcam w/ Microphone Jelly Comb Amazon
Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam $79.99 HD Webcam w/ Microphone Logitech Amazon
Razer Kiyo $99.99 HD Webcam w/ Microphone Razer Amazon

For further information in preparing for online courses, visit the links below: