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Adding Videos to Canvas

This tutorial will walk you through how to upload media from your computer and publish media recordings to your Canvas course site. If you ever need further assistance, please contact us at

  1. Open your Canvas course. Scroll down and click on My Media (Personal)
    My Media Menu Link
  2. Then click on the Add New dropdown button in the top right-hand corner of the media window
  3. There will be multiple options. Click on the Media Upload option

    Other options include:
    1. Express Capture - allows you to record directly to Canvas using the webcam installed on your system
    2. YouTube - allows you to upload a YouTube video directly to your Canvas media
    3. Kaltura Capture - you will have to download software to use this. After download, this option will automatically open Kaltura Capture for screen and video recording. For more information on how to use Kaltura Capture, read our Kaltura Tutorial.
    4. Video Quiz - allows you to choose a video already in My Media and add quiz questions at any time in the video
  4. Canvas will then take you to this screen:
  5. Once there, click on the Choose a file to upload button
  6. This button should open a window showing files on your computer. Navigate to the video you wish to upload, click on it, then click the Open button.
  7. In Canvas, a blue bar should be slowly growing, showing the progress of your video being uploaded.
  8. Once the bar disappears, and a green box shows up at the top saying Upload Completed!, start to fill out the details of the video.
  9. Fill in all the required fields, then click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

  10. After a green box displays saying Your changes have been saved, click on the link next to the Save button labeled Go To My Media.

  11. Your video should now be visible in the My Media list.
  1. Open your Canvas course. Scroll down and click on Media Gallery (Course)
  2. Then click on Add Media in the top right-hand corner of the media window
  3. You should then see a list of videos from your personal media available on Canvas
  4. Scroll and find the video you wish to publish to the course.
  5. Then click in the checkbox next to the video
  6. Next click the Publish button
  7. If you receive a message, like the one below, mentioning needing to fill out details. Click the Edit link in the message.
  8. Fill in the required fields, then repeat Steps 1 - 6.